Jewelry Ideas – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday adored by couples around the world for its emphasis on love, romance, chivalry, respect, and all things cuddle worthy. Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century A.D., when Saint Valentine was put to death as a martyr for sanctioning the marriages of young lovers during a ban against young marriage put in place by Emperor Claudis II. As the Huffington Post puts it, “This is where Valentine comes in; the pesky priest who believed marriage to be a God-given sacrament. Valentine began officiating marriages in secret but was eventually found out and imprisoned.” The beginnings of Valentine’s Day were heart wrenchingly sad. And yet, because it’s usually darkest before the dawn, the sacrifice of Saint Valentine has helped to shine a light on the importance of sharing love with those who are dear to us.

In celebration of the holiday of love, we have compiled a list of Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas to help get you inspired and/or prepared for February 14th, 2014. Perhaps you’re looking for some gift ideas, or maybe you’re in the market for cute jewelry items to pair with your V-Day outfit. Regardless, we’ve got enough Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas to keep your heart thumping until next year.

Anything Red:
Red is, without a doubt, the color of passion. So it goes without saying that wearing anything crimson colored this Valentine’s Day will make an eye-catching statement.

Heart Shaped:
Since Valentine’s Day is centered around expressing love, you can’t go wrong by wearing anything heart shaped. Hearts are cute, classic, simple, and elegant, so they’ll look great for just about any type of outing. Heart shaped jewelry is a great gift idea as well, because it says “I love you,” simplistically, romantically, and without words.

Cupid’s Arrow:
A fun and flirty Valentine’s Day accessory is to use Cupid’s arrow as a statement piece. Arrows look great in either gold or silver, and come in styles ranging from rings to necklaces to earrings.

Words of Love:
V-Day jewelry can even have a personalized flair when it is either engraved or features words which bring out the emotions or personality of the wearer. Try these fun styles featuring “words of love”:

A locket is the easiest and most romantic way to make a profound statement of love this year. Lockets are a wonderful choice, because they are more than just a simple piece of jeweler. Lockets are a portable memory that your significant other can open and adore any time throughout the day.