Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2014

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Have you made holiday plans for/with your significant other yet? If not, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some romantically inspired ideas to get you ready for this year’s day of love.

Valentine’s Day Coupon Book:
DIY crafts are a fun, cheap, and heartfelt way of saying, “I love you,” for just about any holiday. This year, try putting together a makeshift flip book of fun and flirty coupons for your significant other. If you’re the ladylove in the relationship, perhaps include a coupon giving your man a “free night out with the boys”, or maybe even a “get out of jail free card” for the next time he finds himself in the doghouse after an argument. If you’re thinking of making a coupon book for your girlfriend or wife this year, consider including certificates for “a free massage” or “a girlie movie night + dinner prepared by you”. If you want to have a lot of fun with this idea, a “your wish is my command” coupon might be a steamy addition to any his/her flip book.

Go Traditional – Valentine’s Day Jewelry
Everyone knows the famous quote by Marilyn Monroe: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Keeping this in mind, if you really want to make a statement this Valentine’s Day, jewelry of any kind is practically foolproof. When shopping for jewelry for your loved one, the most important thing to keep in mind is to not shop for things that you like, but to instead keep your loved one’s personality in mind. Ask yourself questions like, “What style of jewelry does she/he normally wear? Would this item look good with the clothes she/he wears? What am I trying to say with this jewelry item?” Questions like these can turn a mediocre gift into a Valentine’s Day present that could bring tears to your lover’s eyes.

The Good Things in Life are Free (And Simple!)
Sometimes, the most special and important moments two people can share with one another are without words, without investments, and without effort. Take more time to hug and embrace each other throughout the day. Science has proven that even the slightest amount of physical contact with those we love can boost our mood and even our health. Brush your girlfriend’s hair for her. Tell your husband you love him with eye contact and a smile of gratitude. Hold the door for your wife and pull out her chair for her. Hold your loved one’s hand and think about the connection you have and the memories you have shared. These little things can be worth more than all the gifts in the world.

Old Fashioned Valentine’s Day Cards
Try making your lover an old fashioned Valentine’s Day card this year. Yes, that’s right… like the ones you made for your sweetheart in the second grade. It may seem silly, but taking the time to sit down and create something for your significant other with your own two hands can mean a lot. So whip out the construction paper, the glitter glue, and all that leftover paper bunting from New Years and get to crafting!

Make a Reservation – For Your Living Room
Cook dinner at home together, and skip the traffic and madness the Valentine’s dinner rush creates! You’ll most likely have a better time if you stay in. You’ll also save money (more cash for presents… yay!). You will also get some much needed one-on-one privacy with one another. You’ll find that romance can escalate throughout the evening much smoother without all the stress of planning and leaving the house. What’s the secret to success this year? Keep it low key!