Cushion Cut Diamonds

Let’s talk about cushion cut diamonds – an old but new again favorite.

The cushion cut diamond is one of the oldest shapes and cutting styles that has remained popular over the years. There are three types of cushion cut diamonds to know about: Old Mine Cut, Cushion Modified and Cushion Brilliant. While old mine cut diamonds are popular for those looking for an antique feel, today we will focus on the more modern Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified.

Cushion Cut diamonds combine a square cut or squarish-rectangular cut with rounded corners giving it a pillow-y look, hence the name! Typically these stones are less brilliant than Round Brilliant diamonds but often have more fire which many find appealing.

Personal preference plays a large part when selecting a cushion cut diamond. Modern cushion cuts may also have an extra row of facets of the pavilion which gives the stone a “crushed ice” look. These have been classified by the GIA as Cushion Modified- looking more similar to a radiant cut diamond vs a traditional cushion cut.


Which style do you prefer?