Exceptional Diamonds

Whether purchased as a loose stone, set in an engagement ring, anniversary gift or other special reward, our diamonds carry a guarantee above all others.


Every engagement ring or loose diamond over 0.40 carat weight comes with a grading report.


We uphold the highest standard for ethics in the jewelry industry. All of our diamonds are conflict-free.


We guarantee the quality of our work for a lifetime. Every piece is built to last for centuries under normal wear and tear.

Diamond Curation

Charles Jewelry works with the most reputable diamond cutters in the world. It is our promise to give you an unbiased recommendation on what stone best fits your needs. Rather than having an immense inventory of diamonds, we partnered with the world’s best cutters.

It is our promise to give you an unbiased recommendation on what stone best fits your needs. Our diamond experts extensively evaluate thousands of diamonds to produce only the highest quality options.  We have access to both rough mined diamonds as well as finished cut diamonds.  Wherever they may be, we will procure the best diamonds at the best possible price – just for you.

A diamond is more than a symbol of your love; it is an investment that represents your future. Historically, diamonds have appreciated in value over time. Our experts will work with you to select the one that will leave a lasting impression of your love for decades to come.

Jewelers traditionally market the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. This simple scheme was designed to keep the diamond selection process easy to understand from a consumer perspective. We focus on so much more than just the 4C’s. We go above and beyond to examine everything from Girdle Variance, Fluorescence, Inclusion Placement, Facet Angle and much more.