Scientific Name: Beryl
Chemical Formula:Be3Al2(SiO3)6

The striking green color of the Emerald has mesmerized man from ancient to modern times. Folklore proclaims that the Emerald promotes healing and enhances love. It was believed to give peace to the soul and clairvoyance to the mind. Pizzaro’s warriors brought them to the King of Spain as booty from the unfortunate conquered Inca’s. Generations of Irish have written songs and stories of “Emerald’s Green Isle”. The Emerald is the birthstone of May and the traditional gift for the 55th Wedding Anniversary.

The green color of an Emerald occurs when pure, clear beryl contains either chromium or vanadium. Emeralds are found in India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and Zimbabwe; however, Colombian emeralds are among the world’s most beautiful. Columbian emeralds are noted for their rich green color, sometimes offset with a touch of blue. A deposit of high quality stones has recently been discovered in North Carolina. If large enough to support commercial extraction, it could yield some of the world’s finest emeralds.

Most emeralds have been treated to enhance their appearance. Essentially all emeralds are treated with oils or epoxy resins to fill-in surface cracks. This makes the cracks less visible and improves their transparency. Some coating oils are clear. Some oils are tinted green to make the emeralds more vivid. Emeralds are relatively hard stones; but, the presence of these cracks and inclusions in an emerald affect its durability. A naturally mined emerald should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner as it will remove the resins and oils used to enhance naturally mined stones.

Since many of today’s emeralds are strip mined and have been artificially enhanced, many prefer Chatham Lab Created Emeralds which are 100% natural color and never treated or oiled. The Chatham Emerald bears all the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the mined emerald. The Charles Collection offers untreated and treated mined emeralds as well as Chatham created emeralds.

The natural color of the emerald is green. Intense, bright green emeralds have greater value. Dark or very light green coloration lowers the value of a stone.

The emerald is a stone born from the earth with inclusions. Stones with fewer inclusions are more valuable. Unincluded emeralds do not occur in nature. One who seeks the perfect Emerald will be forced to consider purchasing one created by Chatham Laboratories. These stones are distinguished from mined Emeralds only by their perfection.

The greater the brilliance of an Emerald, the greater will be its value.

Experts at The Charles Collection will be happy to assist you in choosing an emerald to fit your budget and to fulfill your desires.