Scientific Name: Beryllium Aluminum Silicate
Chemical Formula: Be3Al2(Si16O18)

Aquamarine is a bright and beautiful choice for jewelry. Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family of minerals. (Emeralds also belonged to the Beryl family.) In contrast to emerald green, the Aquamarine is found in a variety of stunning blues. This stone is the traditional birthstone for the month of March.

Aquamarine is one of the most popular and best-known of all gemstones. This gemstone possesses a wonderful shine and a tough exterior which makes it difficult to scratch. Aquamarines are tough and almost entirely free of inclusions.

Aquamarine ranges from an almost-clear pale blue to a strong oceanic-blue. The color results from the iron within. The more intense the color, the more the value of the stone. No matter the color, an aquamarine always shows a magnificent transparency and brilliant shine. Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone which will complement almost any eye or skin tone.

The name aquamarine has been used as a modifier for many other gemstones; for example, aquamarine tourmaline, aquamarine emerald, aquamarine chrysolite, aquamarine sapphire, aquamarine topaz, etc.

Legend says the Aquamarine originated in the treasure chest of mermaids. It has been regarded as the sailor’s lucky stone. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin aqua (water) and mare (sea). It is said that the gemstone’s strengths are developed to their best advantage when it is placed in water bathed in sunlight. According to folklore, the Aquamarine will bring its owner a happy marriage, joy and wealth.

Most aquamarines come from mines in Brazil but it is also found in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colorado and North Carolina.

When considering a purchase of an Aquamarine, please consider:

As mentioned before, the deeper the color, the higher the value placed on an Aquamarine. However, the choice you make should be based upon your own preferences.

A high quality Aquamarine will have few to no inclusions.

The aquamarine is cut to highlight its color and clarity, but shape is a matter of personal preference.